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Kenmar Construction Inc is a commercial / residential general contracting firm serving the Springfield area for the past 20 years that found a niche helping established business and homeowners make their renovation dreams a reality.


Kent Smith Jr. and Mark Nation began working as a team during their college years at what is now Missouri State University, and built their business the old-fashioned way, depending on word of mouth and the recommendations of their customers to build a thriving company. What worked then still works now. Smith and Nation met while they were studying construction management at MSU. Both were doing renovation and repair jobs on apartments to pay for tuition, and the relationship prospered.


Founded in 1985, the company now specializes in commercial and residential renovation, including the historic Holland Building and Riad's on Park Central Square in downtown Springfield, construction of new fraternity houses at Drury University, renovation of Blair-Shannon House and Freudenberger House dormitories at MSU, and the Springfield/Greene County Parks Department Visitors Center at Lake Springfield, among other low-profile yet still important assignments. Even though, new construction remains a important part of the firm. Kenmar recently completed a $2 million mini-storage facility for a client. Kenmar laid the site utilities for the new John Q. Hammons Arena. Kenmar has completed a variety of renovation projects for the Springfield Public Schools and other public institutions, including air-conditioning projects at Glendale High School and a number of older schools.


Kenmar prides itself on the stability and versatility of its work force. Today, Kenmar employs a steady work force of 24. In the highly competitive construction market of Springfield, Kenmar has developed a reputation as a residential renovation specialist of upscale homes, catering to the visionary dreams of clients who see the value of renovating some of Springfield's most beautiful older homes without leaving established neighborhoods. The company is attracting home and business owners who want to modernize, sometimes in a big way, But not always.  Kenmar still squeezes in small or ongoing renovation projects or customers who have remained with them for two decades.  The Holland Building and Riad’s Restaurant were examples of taking a grand old building back to its original floor tile floors and plaster ceilings while updating it for 21st Century uses as an office building and restaurant on the first floor.  Not every company wants to be the biggest, including Kenmar. But it doesn’t mind being the kind of company where people keep coming back for the next phase of their project.